Admission Requirements

Those who wish to enroll in JSPP must agree with the views of JSPP, engage in the research or clinical practice in psychosomatic pediatrics, and pay annual membership fees.

Admission procedures

  1. Please fill the admission application form and send it to an introducer by e-mail. The introducer would send it to the secretariat by e-mail, after his/her signature.
  2. The directors of JSPP would examine according to the application forms.
  3. Those who are admitted to JSPP would receive money transfer forms from the secretariat. Please pay annual membership fee.
  4. The annual fee is 12,000 yen(doctors),or 10,000yen(excluding doctors), valid from April 1 to March 31 of the next year.
  5. If there are some changes in the application form, please inform them to the secretariat.
  6. Those who have difficulties in access to any introducer, please contact the secretariat.